Memory Films strives to create lasting memories with emotion and I am just as passionate about helping you tell your story.

About the brand

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I believe that the moments you want to remember aren't always perfect or scripted, they are uncut, raw and writhing with emotion.


Our Values

The Memory Films Manifesto

I believe everyone is an individual, so everyone should have a unique experience, tailored to their specific vision.


I owe it to every couple to let their weddings unfold organically.
True emotion > scripted moments.


Starting my videography journey in 2018 as a hobby, I never thought it would become my career. Living in Atlanta at the time, I worked in Public Health and quickly fell out of love with healthcare and in love with a creative side I had a burning urge to grow and foster. I started this journey filming YouTube videos. A few years later, I was presented with an opportunity to film my sister's wedding. A true example of the right place at the right time.

After my first wedding, I grew a love for the wedding film space and began shadowing other filmmakers to really learn the ropes. I eventually started to feel comfy filming my own weddings. Three years later and Memory Films is now an award-winning powerhouse in the Atlanta wedding videography market. I pride myself on providing a truly tailored service for luxury and destination couples across the globe. 

Who is Memory Films?

How I turned a happy accident into a luxury & destination wedding videography powerhouse

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WOW! WOW! WOW! This is the company you want to book with — I promise!! Not only was working with Brandon at Memory Films absolutely amazing but our finished product truly captured the emotion, love & magic of our wedding day! Our wedding day would not have been the same without him & his team — & we truly have a moment in time captured through our wedding film, ceremony video & teaser!

Memory Films


Kionna F.

Brandon is an absolute artist. His work is beautiful, and the wedding videos he created for us are truly worthy of being called family heirlooms. I have watched our wedding footage dozens of times, and I love it more each time. Brandon truly captured the indescribable feelings we experienced on our wedding day, and I'm so grateful we'll have this footage to look back on for the rest of our lives.

Memory Films


Abby H.

We weren't sure if we wanted to hire a videographer for our wedding. But I was brought to tears watching Brandon's videos on his website, and we knew we HAD TO HAVE HIM. He spent so much time with us on our wedding day and worked tirelessly to make the magic happen. Run don't walk to book Brandon for your event (if he's available that is). A true artist and a kind soul. 

Memory Films


Rose P.

Overheard around town

My job is to romanticize your relationship and show the depth of your connection through every video clip. I have mastered the art of third wheeling. I pride myself on serving you from the moment you inquire to the end. I capture emotion over basic poses. My goal is deliver moody + grainy + b/w videos that will take you back to that day you shared together. Videos that make you feel beautiful and give you the confidence to embrace your beauty and love.

Brandon Johnson

An award-winning videographer that captures true emotion with all its grit and beauty. 

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