One of the best days of my life was marrying my college sweetheart, Kimberly in 2018. Our wedding was beautiful, full of bliss - but it was missing one very important thing. A wedding videographer!

I knew then, on my wedding day, that I wanted to learn everything about filming weddings.  After years of educating myself and shadowing in the field, I finally felt comfortable to open my own business in 2020. Since then, Memory Films has scaled to filming close to 100 weddings and has remained one of the top rated wedding videography companies in Georgia.

I'm forever appreciative to get to offer videography to couples and companies all over the world. What an honor that is.


Meet The Artist Behind The Lens

raw emotion. documenting love. capturing memories.

I love what I do

Truth be told, I've always been a sap for weddings. But weddings are much more than the cake, the dress, and the venue. A wedding, at its core, is a culmination. Two separate lives, that have been traveling on two separate paths meet to continue life together forever. My job inevitably places me directly in the center of one of the most intimate moments within a couple's life and it's a privilege I hold near and dear.

I strive to capture each wedding with the slightest hope that one day far in the future -- when my couples are old and grey. They will all gather their families around some futuristic tv and look back on their wedding day. Videos to relive such intimate moments captured and curated by my hands. Videos full of memories.